Branded RSS Newsreader

Provide your audience with news through your own branded RSS solution

Increase your brand impact by integrating a branded newsreader to your user's RSS experience. We can completely customize our solutions with your own look and feel, guaranteed to increase the exposure of your brand and content. You can add your business logo, special links and customized list of feeds, links or buttons to build brand recognition and provide your audience with the news you choose. Take advantage of your brand and our technology to build a customized application, which will improve your users web experience, and allow them to browse the web and keep up-to-date with their favorite news sites, by using an application under your brand, creating maximum brand impact.

Deepnet can open up a brand new marketing channel for reaching your clients, by pre-loaded RSS channels with continuous access to your site content, products and brand messages increasing your site traffic, customer loyalty and sales. You can send newsletters and marketing messages straight to the browser via RSS feeds, or even use it for your internal communication. RSS is a brilliant new way to circumvent email and enhance communication.

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