Branded Web Browser

Get your own branded browser - powered by Deepnet Explorer

Dramatically improve your users web experience by offering users your own browser branded and customized to create the look and feel you want. Your users will experience a superior internet experience with this secure, fast, and full-featured web browser. Whether you are an enterprise wanting to deploy Deepnet into your organization, or an ISP wanting to distribute the browser to your internet users, we can customize the browser and its look and feel to fit your every need.

By deploying Deepnet's browser technologies and adding your brand, you can develop a cost-effective tool to increase your online sales by marketing your products and at the same time increase your brand impact creating loyalty from your customers. We can create customized shopping facilities to market your products, you determine the design, startpages, buttons and customized 'hotlist'.

The corporate version of Deepnet Explorer seamlessly integrates two web technologies into one application: web browsing and RSS news reader. Please visit for further information or to download the browser.

Get your own branded browser today, powered by Deepnet Explorer - Guaranteed to create maximum brand impact. For further information please contact