The world's first web and P2P browser

In 2005, phishing became a common problem for all web browsers.

In 2005, we released Deepnet Explorer - the first anti-phishing web browser in the world that has helped millions of Internet users fight against phishing websites. Today, all leading web browsers have followed suit and provided anti-phishing features.

The main purpose of phishing websites is to steal users' online identity. While all leading browsers today do provide anti-phishing features that help users in detecting phishing websites in the cloud, they are helpless in preventing attacks by other ways of identity theft - malwares such as key-loggers and Trojans that infect the user's host operating system.

Today, malware is still a common problem for all web browsers.

Today, we have done it again! We have taken a completely new approach to protecting users from malwares and launched a new solution, DualTrust, that will keep all malwares away from your web browser.

DualTrust uses Chrome, Linux and Virtual Box to create a secure and safe browsing environment that is immune to all malwares that have infected the user's host operating system.


Deepnet Explorer