Deepnet Explorer is one of the most secure web browsers

Although Deepnet Explorer use the IE HTML rendering engine, it is actually much more secure than IE. In fact, it is more secure than other plug-in enabled browsers such as Mozilla’s Firefox.

Deepnet Explorer cannot be hijacked

To protect your browser from being 'hijacked' by hackers or unauthorized third parties, Deepnet Explorer is designed not to support IE’s browser helper objects (BHO) and browser plug-ins. BHO and plug-ins can easily be exploited and used by spyware, adware and viruses. As a matter of fact, most spyware comes in the form of either BHOs or plug-ins. For instance, a recently discovered virus names BankHook.A exists as a BHO.

Phisihing Alarm blocks scam websites

This unique feature offers protection against the fastest moving threat on the internet. The “Phishing Alarm” will alert you if you are the target of a phising scam. It works by using a blacklist of known phishing sites and by analysing URLs and Web sites.

Popup Killer enhances security

The built-in Popup Killer not only intelligently blocks annoying popup adverts, it actually also adds an extra layer of security. It is not unknown that some virus and spyware are embedded inside popup windows.

Content Filter blocks out unauthorized pages

Deepnet Explorer has also a built-in page content filter that enables you to block out websites and content that you do not trust or wish to receive, such as flashes and banners.

Content Control stops nasty web tricks

ActiveX and Java Applet are other channels that can be exploited by spyware and virus. ActiveX applications can automatically install themselves onto users’ PCs if the security level is set to low and many spyware programs use ActiveX to trick users into installing themselves on user’s PCs. With Deepnet Explorer, you can use the Page Control feature to stop prohibited ActiveX Controls and other security risks.

Cookie Manager protects your privacy

Keeping track of cookies before they keep track of you is one of the most important strategies to protecting your privacy. Cookie Manager gives you complete control over which cookies you allow and which ones you block before they are put on your computer.