London, UK - June 27, 2005. Secure browser business Deepnet Explorer, today announced the launch of its comprehensive AntiPhishing solution - empowered by a unique Behaviour Inspection technology. Unlike other anti-phishing applications on the market, that leave users vulnerable to new, evolving techniques, Deepnet AntiPhishing with Behaviour Inspection Technology uses a predictive engine that detects new phishing sites as soon as the user encounters them, offering real time, zero hour protection against new phishing threats.

Deepnet’s new Behaviour Inspection engine examines over 100 elements of a web site, including the site’s URL, content, images, links and its history. It then cross references its key features with other sites, and determines if they are indicative of a spoof.

"Behaviour Inspection technology represents the greatest advance in anti-phishing," says Deepnet’s CEO Yurong Lin. "To date, the primary tactic across the industry has been to develop a black list of rogue sites. But these lists can only protect surfers from known phishing scams. They leave the door open to the numerous new phishing sites that hit the internet every day. Behaviour Inspection closes this gap by proactively assessing all web sites and alerting surfers to potential dangers whether sites have been blacklisted or not.

In lab environments, Deepnet’s Behaviour Inspection engine successfully detects more than 99% of previously unknown phishing sites. "We have compared our results with other anti-phishing solutions available, and found that our new software offers the best protection available on the market today’, claims Yurong.

Surfers using Deepnet’s latest anti-phishing features will be alerted automatically when the software detects a potentially fraudulent website. Colour coded warnings allow users to easily asses the scale of any identified risk while details of website ownership and geographical location are made easily available to surfers should they want to personally investigate any web site deemed suspicious by the system.

Launched this month with the release of Deepnet Explorer 1.5, Behaviour Inspection technology is just one of the new security features being introduced for the browser’s latest release. A strategic partnership with certificate provider GeoTrust delivers a comprehensive white list to the AntiPhishing Solution while the new Phishspot network introduced this spring already delivers the industry’s fastest growing blacklist of known phishing scams.