London, UK - April 19, 2005. Leading browser business Deepnet Technologies aims to turn conscience web surfers into a task force of virtual vigilantes dedicated to stamping out the worst of the web's cyber criminals.

Launched today (April 19, 2005) Deepnet's new Phishspot.com is Europe's first virtual vault for rogue web sites. Surfers that come across suspicious sites will be able to register the web address at www.phishspot.com. Once registered, phishspot will update its database of known phishing sites to instantly protect other surfers in the phishspot community from the dangers of being duped by the rogue site. Phishspot will also share the information it generates with law enforcement agencies in the Europe and the US.

Already tried and tested in Deepnet's own Deepnet Explorer browser, the Phishspot database has taken nearly 6 months to compile and now contains over 10,000 known phishing sites targeting over 100 of the world's most famous e-commerce businesses and banks. Ebay, Paypal and Citibank are currently ranked amongst the most common targets for phishers world wide. Barclays and Halifax currently top the cyber criminal's list of UK based businesses to attack.

"Together we can combat the cyber criminal" says Deepnet's Yurong Lin. "The phishspot database is already the most comprehensive list of fake web sites available anywhere, and with the help of the web's most conscientious surfers we'd like to make sure we keep it that way. As our vigilante group grows we'll be using the data we receive to make sure the phishspotting community keeps one step ahead of the cyber criminal at all times. As soon as new phishing sites are identified our anti phishing alert services will be updated to protect fellow phishspotters from the dangers of rogue sites."

Join the phishspotting community of virtual vigilantes at www.phishspot.com

Get anti-phishing protection free with the Deepnet Explorer browser at www.deepnetexplorer.com