13 July, 2004, London: New Browser Super Charges Internet Explorer

Deepnet Technologies announces the launch of Deepnet Explorer, a powerful Web, P2P and News browser that allows users to surf the web faster, share and download files on the Gnutella P2P network, and view the latest RSS news and weblogs.

Deepnet Explorer seamlessly integrates three web technologies into one application: web browsing, P2P file sharing and RSS news reader.

The Web browser allows users to view multiple web pages with its tabbed interface and it has a collection of innovative features that increase web browsing productivity, such as the pop-up blocker, direct search, keyword navigation, auto login, form filler, multiple start pages, mouse gestures, super drag and drop and more.

Deepnet Explorer's built-in peer-to-peer file sharing technology enables the user to browse the web while sharing and downloading files on the Gnutella P2P network in the background. Users can search for different file formats including audio, video and documents.

The browser also has a built in news reader that allows the user to subscribe to and receive RSS or ATOM news and weblogs. A useful feature is the News filter which blocks unwanted news or adverts. The news reader is integrated with popular RSS search engines which makes it easy to find and subscribe to news.

Deepnet Explorer is a new generation browser that allows the user to easily browse the web, share files and read news simultaneously.

For more information or to download Deepnet Explorer visit DeepnetExplorer.com

The product is free contains no Adware, Spyware or any 3rd party software.

About Deepnet Technologies

Deepnet Technologies a UK based company, dedicated to building advanced browser technology providing access to deep contents on the Internet.