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To subscribe to a news or weblog feed, simply drag and drop the and button on a news site to the News button to your Deepnet Explorer control bar at the left of screen. Once Deepnet Explorer is installed, try with one of the popular feeds below.

Tech news and business reports by CNET Focused on information technology, core topics include computers, hardware, software, networking, and Internet media.
BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition
Updated every minute of every day. Word Of The Day
A new word is presented every day with its definition and example sentences from actual published works.
PC Magazine: New Product Reviews
First looks at new products from PC Magazine: lab-based test, ratings, editor and user reviews.
Yahoo! News - Top Stories
Yahoo! News - Top Stories
Digital Photography Review (
Digital Photography Review, Latest digital camera news, camera reviews, galleries, technology and comparisons.
New York Times: Technology
Headlines, abstracts and links for the latest New York Times articles, for Radio UserLand.
Wired News
Technology, and the way we do business, is changing the world we know. Wired News is a technology - and business-oriented news service feeding an intelligent, discerning audience. What role does technology play in the day-to-day living of your life? Wired News tells you. How has evolving technology changed the face of the international business world? Wired News puts you in the picture.
Quotes of the Day
Four humorous quotations each day from The Quotations Page.
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